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While an enemy is moving, Hidden Library gains the Passageway trait.

Most of the researchers in the Historical Society don’t even know of this library’s existence. What terrible truths could it be hiding?
Hidden Library
장막: 4. 단서: 3.

While an enemy is moving, Hidden Library gains the Passageway trait.

Victory 2.
The space was a small reading room, carpeted with cobwebs and dust. Filled bookshelves lined the walls, but a few books lay scattered on the floor as though their readers had abandoned them in a hurry.
- Lisa Farrell, The Investigators of Arkham Horror
Stephen Somers
과거로부터의 메아리 #139. Echoes of the Past #20.
Hidden Library
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If you draw Mysterious Chanting while all investigators are locked away in the Hidden Library with no passageways, no cultist can qualify to be the "nearest", since it doesn't connect to anything. Nonetheless, even though you can't place doom on the "nearest" cultist, they are still in play, so does Mysterious Chanting oblige you to search for a cultist? A: Not exactly. Even if it has no valid path to an investigator, an enemy can still qualify as the "nearest" enemy if there are no other enemies in play that are nearer. It might help to think of it this way: an enemy at a location with no valid path to your location is – in essence – an infinite number of locations away. If there were any other enemy anywhere, even if it were 100 locations away, that would be nearer. But if there were no other enemies in play, then that enemy an infinite number of locations away would still be the nearest. That said, effects that require an enemy to track a path to an investigator (such as Dance of the Yellow King, for example) would fail in this circumstance, because the enemy cannot possibly track a path to you, even if they are the "nearest" enemy.
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