Basement Door - Back

One of several unmarked wooden doors in the cold, musty basement of St. Mary’s Hospital.
Operating Room

St Mary's. Basement.

장막: 2. 단서: 1.

: Choose an investigator at your location and test (4). If you succeed, heal 3 damage from that investigator. If you fail, deal 1 damage to that investigator.

__Victory 2.
This room seems to have been abandoned midsurgery. On the operating table lies a deceased patient completely covered in a thin sheet... save for the spindly, spiderlike legs emerging from the patient's body.
Robert Laskey
꿈을 먹는 자 #76. Waking Nightmare #14.
Operating Room

Somebody at Fantasy Flight really likes Medical Texts. They must be stopped.

Thematically, a place in St. Mary's to do some quick emergency aid is a great idea, but my goodness is this a hot-garbage way to implement that. (To further compound the issue, Waking Nightmare has more horror pressure than damage pressure anyway.)

anaphysik · 41
Maybe, but check out that hot John Carpenter's "The Thing" artwork. That's good pedigree; Bob Laskey knows his horror. — SGPrometheus · 531
@SGPrometheus: Absolutely; I also really like Laskey's Orderlies and Stairwell in this scenario. — anaphysik · 41
Yes, they are perfectly awful. — SGPrometheus · 531