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"As the coast drew nearer, and the hideous stench of that city grew stronger, he saw upon the jagged hills many forests, some of whose trees he recognised as akin to that solitary moon-tree in the enchanted wood of earth, from whose sap the small brown zoogs ferment their peculiar wine." – H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Surface. 숲.

장막: 4. 단서: 1.

: Test (5) to hide among the strange trees. If you succeed, reduce your alarm level by 1. (Limit 1 success per game.)

During your turn, except during another action: Evade. If you fail, raise your alarm level by 1. (Limit once per round.)

__Victory 1.
Frej Agelii
달의 어두운 면 #218. Dark Side of the Moon #13.

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