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The door to the Monastery of Leng is sealed shut. You cannot enter the Monastery of Leng.

When you finally reach the domed temple in the snow, you are distraught to find its doors sealed shut, with no lock to speak of. Perhaps there is another way inside.
Monastery of Leng


장막: 3. 단서: 2.

Investigators at Monastery of Leng spend 1 clues, as a group: Remember that the investigators "maneuvered the priest closer."

"...a great domed space whose walls were carved in shocking bas-reliefs, and whose centre held a gaping circular pit surrounded by six malignly stained stone altars in a ring."
- H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Sergey Glushakov
신들이 기거하는 곳 #297. Where the Gods Dwell #12.
Monastery of Leng

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