The Diamond Detective Agency

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Joe Diamond - P.I.Staker (Hard Mode) - Now Improved! 604 502 41 1.0
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Rolunde · 8

Somewhat altered P.I.Staker build. I'm running this build as part of a 2-person team against The Circle Undone.

You can make this build taboo friendly simply by swapping Machete out for the Enchanted Blade.

For convenience, taken from the P.I.Staker guide-

The actual hunch deck is: Crack the Case Evidence!/Deciphered Reality No Stone Unturned/No Stone Unturned (5) Preposterous Sketches/Cryptic Research Scene of the Crime Working a Hunch

note: only put -Logical Reasoning or -Shortcut into the hunch deck from the discard pile via Joe's triggered ability.