Daisy Walker Solo for NOTZ (Core + Dunwich sets)

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oogaboogaman · 1

Spent the last few weeks determined to make a deck of hers work (NOTZ campaign), while doing the Strange Solution mini-quest. The plan is to take advantage of an extra card each turn (Old Book of Lore) and free movement for first upgrades. Each session I was able to make it to the end of the deck.

-I've got a plan, Shriveling, Mind over Matter, and eventually Lita was enough to win the first session.

First set of Upgrades: +Higher Education, +Pathfinder, +Encyclopedia. -Medical Tests, -Arcane Studies.

I was able to interrogate 4 of the cultists. Significantly taking advantage of pathfinders free movement and selling cards through Dr. Henry to power High Education. Second set of Upgrades: +Acidic Ichor solution, +Carisma, +Pathfinder. -Ritual Candles, I've got a Plan.

Ichor + Lita was able to make quick work of the larger enemies, while Shriveling took care of the smaller ones. For the campaign finally, I was able to stop the ritual while being one doom away from the big baddy coming (I imagine I would have died quickly against it).