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kajomboman · 1

Designed to be played as a duo on standard difficulty with a paired Diana Stanley deck:

Both players are very new to the game. Certainly open to suggestions.

The primary design goal is to avoid 'feels-bad' situations. This is addressed in several ways. The decks were intended to be flexible and collaborative, and therefore avoid situation where either player is left feeling unable to contribute while encouraging situations where the players can shift focus to 'help out' or work together on related tasks, in lieu of being forced into performing totally independent tasks. A minor blessing subtheme was included to further encourage the feeling of working together. The decks were likewise intended to to reduce situations where you have been playing for an hour and you randomly draw a card that says 'nothing you have done matters, you lose and you are ugly, time to put away the game.' Avoiding that situation suggests having relatively durable characters and having the ability to potentially 'answer' such situations, as by way of cancels, etc.

This deck specifically uses the alternate Agnes front and is intended to be relatively straightforward. Sixth Sense (particularly when upgraded) and Read the Signs provide clues and likely successes of 2 over. That success margin enables scavenging, which can freely recur leather coats and keepsakes to keep Agnes alive and to pay for Agnes' investigator ability. Fearless and Agnes' elder sign also assist with survivability. Scavenging can also recover the scroll of secrets, which is used for card draw and consistency in digging. Deny existence, ward of protection, and lucky provide a suite of cards to reduce random gotcha situations. Despite their minimal costs, deny and ward can also be reshuffled if using Agnes' ability. Azure flame and spectral razor provide combat ability, with a one-of sword cane as back up or to assist with evasion. Keep faith as bless producer, with ancient covenant to convert one bless per turn into a nearly auto-success, and benefits for partner deck. Resourceful ideally to recur keep faith, otherwise to recur items prior to scavenging being online or lucky otherwise.


Apr 08, 2021 stardust · 3

Awesome deck! Agnes is one of my favorite investigators.

I like the combo with Leather Coat and Scavenging but if you have access to Jessica Hyde she's probably better and doesn't need any setup to work. Same goes for Keepsake, Peter Sylvestre works better but I understand if you don't have the cards yet.

If you're not playing with the taboo, I think Scroll of Secrets is too slow, Arcane Initiate would work better for card draw. If you don't like the initiate, Word of Command can also work well to grab a necessary spell.

You have a lot of 2 and 3 cost cards but no way to generate resources. Uncage the Soul is great so is Voice of Ra since it's a Spell that can be "recurred" using Agnes' ability.

I really like the 3 card bless combo, will have to give this a shot. GLHF

Apr 09, 2021 kajomboman · 1

I really appreciate the advice.

We are playing with the latest taboo list, so scroll of secrets will not take an action to use after it is in play. Arcane initiate seems great, but it is also in the companion deck, and I'm gun-shy about having two extra doom in play at once. I figured the items here were core to the strategy, so the other deck could have the initiate and this deck would take draw from the scrolls, and can recur them as well.

You have a really fair point about the economy of the deck. It is very possible that I am being overly optimistic in how this will play out. My hope was that the character could be fundamentally playable and off to the races after putting down scavenging and either one of sixth sense or azure flame, with the other to follow when possible. A number of the events are likely to be playable only with Alt-Agnes' investigator ability. Going to try it and see if it is low to the ground enough to work without further support. Otherwise, I will really struggle to figure out what to cut.

I also agree that Hyde and Sylvestre both seem super strong. I originally had them both in the list as well as the coat and keepsake, but then it seemed like the only thing this character was doing was soaking damage. I decided to keep the items. My thinking is that this character wanted both health and sanity soak, and both of the allies competed for the same slot. They are also rather expensive (compared to the 0 cost of coat and keepsake) and do not recur (with scavenging). I also like that upgraded scavenging means that the items can come down without using an action. This also factors into the economy - given how much I expect that playing events is going to rely on Agnes' ability to play cards using health instead of resources, I suspect that this will need to be able to soak more than one health per turn, and the allies look best at covering 1 dmg per turn. I will think about this again.

Apr 09, 2021 wallets · 152

This is a pretty good deck for a very new player. I assume this is online and would thus have access to most cards since you have the cards for two Mystics, which is nice. There is little issue with the set-up.

However this deck will need to mulligan hard for Sixth Sense, likely Read the Signs and Scroll of Secrets as a consequence. You mentioned running this with Diana Stanley? The only concern here is investigation, if you don't draw Sixth Sense both investigators will be in for a rough time. Diana Stanley also takes some time to ramp up her for Sixth Sense, so that would be the main point of interest.

Another way to go around this could include Perception, Rite of Seeking, or Flashlight. You can mess around with the Card Draw Simulator to see if you get these investigation cards in your opening hand.

Mystics are quite fun though, really become monsters as the campaign progresses, hope it goes well.

Apr 09, 2021 stardust · 3

No problem. You make very good points about the economy and the item recursion.

I'd say you should follow your gut and test this through a few scenarios to get a feel for it and then you can decide what to cut/add if any.

Awesome work!