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kajomboman · 1

Designed to be played as a duo on standard difficulty with a paired Agnes (Alt Front) deck: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/29870/agnes-duo-1.0

Both players are very new to the game. Certainly open to suggestions.

The primary design goal is to avoid 'feels-bad' situations. This is addressed in several ways. The decks were intended to be flexible and collaborative, and therefore avoid situation where either player is left feeling unable to contribute while encouraging situations where the players can shift focus to 'help out' or work together on related tasks, in lieu of being forced into performing totally independent tasks. A minor blessing subtheme was included to further encourage the feeling of working together. The decks were likewise intended to to reduce situations where you have been playing for an hour and you randomly draw a card that says 'nothing you have done matters, you lose and you are ugly, time to put away the game.' Avoiding that situation suggests having relatively durable characters and having the ability to potentially 'answer' such situations, as by way of cancels, etc.

This deck specifically uses Diana Stanley. This decks leans extremely hard into playing cancels - fully 15 cards in this deck can be tucked by Diana's ability. Shriveling and Spectral Razor provide primary combat ability, supplemented by the two swords and Daring. Sixth Sense and Drawn to the Flame provide clues. Arcane Initiate and Diana's investigator ability contribute draw. Immediate upgrades are I've had worse for additional triggers and economy. Blessed Blade, Sacred Covenant and upgraded Holy Rosary provide minimal blessing support. Sacred Covenant itself is notable as triggering Diana's ability for resources and draw, though not being tucked. Ward of Radiance requires partner's assistance for a better probability of success. Olive does contribute to resolving ward of radiance, as well as assisting with sixth sense, and primarily functioning as a relatively cheap place to put sanity damage. Sorry, Olive.