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Forced - When an enemy spawns at this location: Reveal this location.

An unadorned wooden door leads to one of the third floor rooms used by the Historical Society.
Historical Society

Historical Society
Historical Library


3층. 통로.

장막: 3. 단서: 2.

After you successfully investigate this location, take 2 horror: Discover 1 clue at this location. (Limit once per round).

The sheer number of books in the Historical Society's library is overwhelming. Even if you had weeks to spend researching, you couldn't hope to sort through all of them.
Mark Molnar
과거로부터의 메아리 #136. Echoes of the Past #17.
Historical Society

I'm not sure about the text on this card, we have managed to interpret it in three different ways.

First, after successfully investigating you take two horror and discover a clue and you are only permitted to investigate once per round.

Second, after successfully investigating you take two horror and discover a clue but you only take the two horror once per round and are permitted to continue to investigate for the remainder of the round finding clues as normal.

Three, after you successfully investigate you gain a clue as normal, take two horror and then gain a second clue, only taking the two horror and second clue once per round.

Any thoughts appreciated.

After you successfully investigate this location (e.g. you investigate and grab however many clues that investigate gives you), you then have the option of triggering the reaction here where you take two horror and discover an extra clue. You can trigger this once per round. Reactions are always optional. — StyxTBeuford · 12504
My group also made that mistake sometimes, mistaking a location reactions with "forced". First scenario of TCU has a location with a reaction to have all drawn enemies spawn there but they attack you. My clue focused marie did that all the time and i was so swarmed until we realized my mistake. We started over. — Django · 3616