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pako · 33

A flex deck with a lot of upgraded cards.


Oct 03, 2022 Ivanatorion · 1

Why tf are you using trial by fire if using your ability you get to +5 easily? LUL

Oct 03, 2022 madcircus · 100

Down the Rabbit Hole and Wither is so good together.

Oct 03, 2022 Ivanatorion · 1

@madcircus Yeah, specially with Deny Existence

Oct 03, 2022 aboutindy · 1

Alice don't work so well with Bonnie, you can't use it's reaction after you use the combo alice > bonnie > alice

Oct 05, 2022 Shuffman · 2

Am I the only one looking at this wondering how you are going to afford anything with no resource generators? Seems like an expensive deck not to include at least an emergency cache.