Minh Thi Phan - Solo All-In Necronomicon

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Windreader · 41

A deck to abuse the Necronomion.

Made it a 19 xp for standalones. Still have to figure out the Lvl 0 deck, will appreciate input.


Feb 11, 2024 Ezhaeu · 47

Interesting deck. I'm currently playing Minh Necronomicon but recurring it with Scavenging level 2. Could be a good card to have in your deck in case some nasty treachery discards your book like Crypt Chill. This is my mid-campaign deck (multiplayer) with 19xp. arkhamdb.com

Feb 11, 2024 Windreader · 41

@Ezhaeu Thank you for the suggestion. Actually thought about the recursion route, chose not to go there. Usually, there are odd Scroll of Secrets and/or allies to spare. But recurring the Eon Chart could also be useful. However, my first choice would be Professor William Webb, as he's searchable by Calling in Favors.

On a side note, since publishing the deck I also tried Schoffner's Catalogue and really enjoyed how it played.

Feb 12, 2024 Zlatan · 118

Cool deck! Burning the Midnight Oil is my go to resource event in every seeker deck, have you tried it?

Feb 12, 2024 Windreader · 41

@Calidus Thank you. Burning the Midnight Oil feels a bit awkward here because, since it might be hard to squeeze an investigate in a productive way (gain clues) with all the juggling. I could see running it if the build leans towards Scavenging and/or Professor William Webb, but in this version I'd go for Cryptic Writings (for draws from the Necronomicon and Blood-Rite or even Emergency Cache before I add Burning the Midnight Oil. That being said, a great choice for economy would be some copies Astounding Revelation, but I don't have the Dream Eaters.