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Turbinismo · 162

Hey folks, saludos pnakóticos!

Disclaimer: This deck was a request to promote an initiative from Los Archivos de Arkham to encourage people sharing the decks they are currently playing with a short explanation that fits a single tweet. I am not a deck publisher and not the most creative deck builder either. This has been built after playing just five games with SUZI, two standalones plus three more games in an ongoing campaign. I am aware that there will be more optimal and imaginative ways to play with her, so please note that this is just my rushed up initial approach to this ID after some thought (little really), discussion (not much either!) and a fair share of netdecking (although there was not much out there by the time this was built).

Intro: SUZI has potential access to the whole player card pool, excluding permanents, and with her unique mechanics the investigator opens up to many different kind of builds. I chose a simple and straightforward way to play which helped me getting used to piloting the character while trying to get the most out of it in a fun way.

Archtype: Flex but heavily leaning towards combat.

Concept: Play cheap useful assets that SUZI can devour to raise her statline fast when Ravenous is in Controlled Hunger mode and to maintain it high when in Uncontrolled Hunger. The deck has a good economy (both resources & card draw) to arrive quickly there, and also ways to have plenty of actions to exploit your turn when your stats are high.



[Note: keep the Matchboxes & Catalogues with one last supply/secret so they are not discarded and SUZI can devour them.]

[Note: another option could be to use the body slot for a Backpack tutor]

EVENTS: for compression and economy, but also to help progression.

SKILLS: for extra burst and action compression.

Opposite to devoured assets, event and skill cards that have been played will not be regurgitated unless you cycle the deck. This is not likely to happen until very late game so make sure you keep them for moments that really help, same as with any non-recursion deck.

Also: Other aspects of the deck to take into consideration:

  • Preservation: SUZI has her own way to heal with her three copies of Regurgitation. The four copies of her ally assets can also soak some damage and horror.
  • Passive boosts: there are no +1 attributes in the deck, although weapons and mag glasses help with passive boosts to combat/investigation actions. The aim is to mantain the statline in 5s or 6s most of the game, and increase attributes for some tests through some events and skill cards.
  • Encounter deck protection: Non existent. When the statline is high enough you should be able to pass most tests and when low just take it in the chin.
  • Signatures: try to hold one Regurgitation always in hand for those moments when you are running out of assets to devour, if you need recursion of any of the devoured assets, when healing is needed, or simply to counter the flip of Ravenous as a result of a Reality Acid draw, which can be particularly painful in early game.

Mulligan: Seek for cards that give you draw or resources. A fast good economy is necessary in early game to build the engine, especially on those initial rounds. SUZI's ability will make you go though your deck quite fast, and as your stats are not yet high to help progressing the scenario, it is important to spend the first couple of rounds getting your rig in motion. This is way easier in multiplayer as the rest of the group can help, and some changes should be reconsidered for solo play.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This deck is not compliant with the deckbuilding requirements for a standalone scenario as SUZI can only take Neutral cards Level 0-5. The correct way to spend experience to purchase/upgrade cards for non-Neutral classes is by devouring them in previous scenarios (see the Additional Upgrade Options section in the back of the investigator card).

Initial deck: This is a possible basic deck to start a multiplayer campaign and potentially reach to a fairly similar upgraded version.

Subject to hunger (0xp):

Deck progression: Not very straightforward as SUZI has a very specific way to spend experience. If you keep count of the amount of cards from each class devoured during the game, then you should be able to have some control on which class you will be progressing. In our 3p campaign of Return to The Innsmouth Conspiracy, I am aiming for the following path:

Basic > Seeker > Rogue > Guardian > Survivor > Mystic

Find the link to the campaign deck and its progression below:

SUUUUUUUU... ZI (0xp):

Hope this helps somebody getting a couple of ideas to build their decks. Thanks for reading!

Egoitz (Turbinismo)


May 21, 2024 PepeGepé · 2

Hola Egoitz!! Ya tengo por donde empezar con esta investigadora!!! Gracias, y muy aclarativa la explicación, Un abrazo!

May 21, 2024 cjthorst · 1

Well thought out deck. I like this archetype since it isn't dependent on 1 card, but has a pretty stable looking engine.

May 22, 2024 TheTrueEpicureInTheTerrible · 1

Very concise description that gives both a clear idea of how to run the deck, and also a nice intro for pea-brains like me as to how Suzi might actually function. Definitely encourages me to try and get her to the table soon.

May 23, 2024 phlip45 · 1

I would suggest Brand of Cthugha as a good combat card. Even the 1XP version is great with Suzi, Fight 6HP worth of stuff and then eat the scraps.

Another shout out goes to Eon Chart as just an extremely useful card for Suzi in much the same way that Scroll of Secrets is. In Eon Chart's case, take 3 extra actions, then eat the Eon Chart. Vomit up another Eon Chart on the same turn and you can sometimes get a 5 Action Turn with just Eon Charts, it is great.

Both of these are also Dual Faction cards which can help with Suzi's 7 cards from each faction requirement.