Girish Kadakia
ICPC Punjab Detective

자산. 조력자

조력자. 경찰.

비용: 4. XP: 4.

체력: 3. 정신력: 3.

Girish Kadakia may be assigned damage and/or horror dealt to other investigators at your location.

During a skill test being performed by an investigator at your location, exhaust Girish Kadakia: That investigator gets +2 skill value for this test. If this test is successful, heal 1 damage or horror from Girish Kadakia.

Tiziano Baracchi
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #38.
Girish Kadakia


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Girish is well worth his high cost. He proves a free Unexpected Courage every round and provides self healing soak. He's amazing in a Carson deck but I suspect many other investigators will like him as well.

Oweldon · 34
It seems that he would work well with Vincent Lee, as well. Soak damage for the whole team, get a +2 by exhausting, succeed, heal the damage and get a free On the Mend for another +2 for another test... — DrOGM · 22

Girish is really good... but 4xp is a lot to ask. So why would you spend all that xp when you have Beat Cop (2), and Grete Wagner (3) in your class that both bring bonuses?

The answer is infinite health/horror.

Girish Kadakia will help you succeed in a test and heal himself in the process. Leave the Hallowed Mirror in the antique store, you don't need it anymore. Pack instead an Inspiring Presence for a second use each turn and some Trusted to turn it into an almost Carson Sinclair.

Who will want to pair with Girish Kadakia?

  • Vincent Lee, of course, use his ability to get +2 and receive an On the Mend at the end of the test. He will be the perfect soak for your Bonesaw. You will always want to leave a bit of damage/horror on him to trigger him and end your Bonesaw attack with a damage on him.
  • Carolyn Fern, who will make a good amount of resources out of Girish Kadakia if she finds a way to regularly deal horror to him. Forbidden Knowledge and Meat Cleaver are good options. The good thing with the latter is that you get the horror when you initiate the test so that you can heal it in the same action (and heal a horror on yourself at the end).
  • Guardians that would be interested in using more than 1 stat, like Roland Banks or Leo Anderson with a Blackmailed Damning Testimony, Sister Mary and Lily Chen who would want to use their .
  • Carson Sinclair to bring his statline to an acceptable number once a turn for a test and compensate for his lack of health/sanity.
Valentin1331 · 60811
I think GK is a third choice for Carolyn. Peter is automatic, and the field agent is free clues. Having Girish around with solemn vow is great though, for drip feeding horror from the party specifically onto Peter without risking other players. — MrGoldbee · 1417
I played him w/ Mark. Sophie got bored and almost went home. — tasman · 1
@MrGoldbee I get Peter with Carolyn (used that a lot), but never seemed thematic to me. Having Field Agent and GK makes a lot more thematic sense in my decks, and I play AH mainly for story and mood. — Krysmopompas · 353

I did a special challenge run, where I played Charlie and Preston,( called the 1/1/1/1 Run) and I ran Girish as a means to provide a boost and a soak. Charlie was the fighter and he did take a bunch of pain while Girish was in play. but I discovered a strange interaction with him and Bonnie. I could be fighting, and i could Exhaust him to trigger his heal on a successful test, but then I would Exhaust Bonnie, which allows me to ready Girish and Exhaust him again. this allows you to heal 2 damage/horror at a time, which is huge. Charlie really surprises me sometimes.

Bonnie & Clyde? No, Bonnie & Girish. — MrGoldbee · 1417