Sister Mary
The Nun


신자. 축복받은.

의지: 4. 지식: 2. 힘: 3. 민첩: 3.
체력: 5. 정신력: 9.

During setup, add 2 tokens to the chaos bag.

When the round ends: Add 1 token to the chaos bag.

effect: +1. If you succeed, add 1 token to the chaos bag.

"The Lord watches over my path. I am armored in faith."
Cristi Balanescu
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #1.
Sister Mary

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Deck size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Guardian cards () level 0-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, Mystic cards () level 0-2.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Guardian Angel, Crisis of Faith, 1 random basic weakness.

The more Sister Mary learns of the strange and arcane forces that sometimes manifest in this world, the more certain she is that she has been set upon a path to ward off these forces and protect the innocent wherever possible. Armed only with the trappings of her church and an unshakeable faith, Sister Mary seeks out every supernatural threat she hears of through her fellow priests and nuns. Other members of her church may dismiss such things as medieval nonsense, but Sister Mary knows the real evils that exist in the shadows - and she knows that if such evils are left untouched, they will bring ruin and horror to all of creation.

Welcome to the Nun Girl, shes got fun and games

She’s got everything you want, honey we know the memes

She’s got the people that can find the token she that needs

So, if you want a gunny, nunny, pack her one of these


Shes a Nun Girl, makes an awesome Gun Girl

Watch her bring em’ to their shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees

Uh ah, She’s kickin’ ass with creed


Welcome to the Nun Girl, she likes to pray by day

If you want your rosaries, she’s the deck to play

And she’s a very hexy girl, packing spells with ease

She can cast the bright lights, and even get them for free

Shes the nun girl, welcome to the nun girl

See my, my, my, my seraphim

Ooh, ah, I want a holy team


Welcome to the Nun Girl, she gets blessings every day

Covenant em’ hard an keep em’ all, an’ in the bag they`ll stay

You gotta hold some back you see, you'll use em’ eventually

You can spend em if you want, but cards bank two or three


Watch that Gun Girl pack Favor of the Sun Girl

Watch her bring em’ to their shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees

Uh ah, she packs Guns N’ Rosaries!


Those on high you never ever wanna come down

So down, so down, so down, yeah!!!

You know where they are?

They're with the Nun Girl baby

They’re gonna die

Shes a Nun Girl, an’ a tonna Fun Girl

Watch her bring em’ to their shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees

Shes a Nun Girl, the fun has just begun girl

See my, my, my Holy Team

Shes the Nun Girl, not that priest out in the jungle

Watch her bring em’ to their shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees

Get down with the Nun Girl, Blessings one and done Girl

Watch her bring you to your

Shes gonna bring it down!


StartWithTheName · 36765

((UPDATE: Revising my notes, as the campaign continues it’s clear there are a lot of seal and release tokens for bless effects. So the goal of Sister Mary is to fill the bag and autosucceed, then trap them again. With that in mind, she doesn’t need to level up her weapons much from the Winchester, can focus on assets and events that put that weapon into play.))

Most of the reviews on this site do a good job of telling you what a card does and how to use it. They point out cute little exceptions, tell you whether something is worth a second look or not worth your time at all.

It’s super hard to write that review for Sister Mary. At the time of writing, the TIC pack is just coming out. There are cards for all five classes that use bless and curse tokens...And we get four very interesting, clear-cut investigators. Amanda likes skill cards, especially ones that get her clues. Silas likes to dodge and fight. Dexter likes putting new assets into play and using rogue chicanery to get rich doing it. Trish can evade and take advantage of monster presence to get even more clues...

Sister Mary adds good tokens to the bag. Now, if you’ve been playing Arkham for a long time, (and during the pandemic you probably have), you’ve internalized a lot of thoughts about the chaos bag. It’s best to have a skill +2 above the challenge you’re trying to beat. if you’re ever stuck, look at the bag and chart out how many of those tokens will give you a success.

But what if some of those tokens give you a +2, with a chance of driving the autofail? What if some of the tokens are negative, with more draw?

So already the anchorite is tricky.

Then you get the card pool. She’s the first five blue/2 purple character, and those are deep carpools with many many ways of playing them.

With access to Mystic cards between 0 and 2 XP, you might try Mary as a mage. But eventually, you’re going to find you want the really upgraded versions of spells and they’re not available.

With guardian level 0 to 5, you might try for a build similar to Carolyn. But Miss Fern has a few things going for her that Mary doesn’t: horror healing cards like Peter Silvestry, seeker access, built-in moneymaking, and a four next to the little picture of a book.

So you have a mago-guardian who is extremely indirect. You have an evasion of three, which neither class will help you with. Same with your fight score, and with five health you don’t wanna be sitting on top of monsters whiffing all day. At the same time, paying three bucks for a spell to give you plus one to your fight or evade seems like a nonstarter in an already asset-heavy deck.

That is why sister Mary is, at least at the start of the cycle, a three or four player character. Because you can do some fabulous support. Ward of protection (and ward level two), word of radiance, stand together, I’ll handle this…the power is yours to mitigate the mythos phase. The book of Psalms heals horror from people like Silas and Roland. while massively boosting the token pool, and it doesn’t exhaust. You can put scrying mirrors in each hand or teamwork them over to allies, so that your pals have no excuses for failing checks. You can make sure everyone is properly equipped (passing money between rogues and survivors, or passing weapons to Amanda.)

And when nobody fails checks, the game goes faster, there are fewer problems with the mythos deck... Everyone’s happy.

There are already inklings of what blessed tokens can do. Rite of sanctification protects you from Mary’s weakness, can be played in both slots, and gives passive economy to your teammates. (They’ll definitely appreciate putting a six resource Tommy gun into play for two bucks.) Combo with tides of fate to turn a very ugly bag into a pile of future money.

And the future abbess has another neat trick: her ability is automatic. She doesn’t need to trigger an action, play a card or move.

Over the next few months, we’re going to get dozens of cards that give us cool new uses for blessed tokens. There will be spell and guardian upgrades, cool covenants, and everything will make sense.

But until then, it can feel like solving a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces. Is it worth three bucks for a token adding version of dodge? Is a beat cop reasonable? Physical training?

If you can’t make sense of her, that’s OK. All will be revealed in time. You’re simply lacking the one thing that sister Mary has in spades: faith.

MrGoldbee · 1061
Cute ending. Don’t forget one major thing the sister has over the psych: She can take Lightning Gun. While the +5 has long been considered a bit overkill, it makes you barely care that she has only 3 base combat. Flamethrower’s pretty good too. — Death by Chocolate · 796
I may just try it! — MrGoldbee · 1061
The BAR might be worth considering, as well. — Zinjanthropus · 162
The issue with the BAR is that without a high base combat, you lose a lot of the value from being able to attack with 2 or 3 ammo for smaller, efficient hits. — Death by Chocolate · 796
Sister Mary is probably a cenobite rather than an anchorite, considering that her card talks about fellow monastics. Sorry for the pedantry. — LivefromBenefitSt · 689
You’re probably right. They didn’t teach me this while I was prepping for my bar mitzvah. — MrGoldbee · 1061
You cannot pass Sea Change Harpoon to Amanda. Signature cards cannot be controlled by other investigators (see FAQ). — Yenreb · 15
Fixed. — MrGoldbee · 1061
There are some decent offensive options for her like Radiant Smite and Spectral Razor. Similarly, for clues, there are various event options from guardian and rogue that should be plenty. — Chitinid · 14
Rogue? — MrGoldbee · 1061
He must mean mystic: i.e. Read the Signs, Drawn to Flame. — SGPrometheus · 531
Agreed with the update. Paradoxical Covenant, Tempt Fate, Rite of Sanctification, and Olive, make Sister Mary very capable to do just about whatever she wants, at least once a turn. The updated spells make it so that she can not only succeed almost on demand, but decide if she wants the cursed benefit for each spell. Bonus if you use Eldritch Inspiration (1), then you can fire off the curse benefit twice... Eye of Chaos = 4 clues, or 3 clues and 1 charge. Armageddon = 4 damage, or 3 damage and 1 charge. and these are level 1 spells. — Abbojm01 · 4
Forgot to mention that Favor of the Moon is the card that makes this all happen. — Abbojm01 · 4
why she can only add a beat cop not 2 of them? — natartnat · 1