비용: 4.


사용(소모품 3개).

소모품을 1개 소비하고, ‘보온병’을 소진합니다: 당신이 위치한 장소에 있는 조사자 한 명의 피해를 1 회복합니다(그 조사자가 겪은 육체적 트라우마가 2 이상이라면, 피해를 1 대신 2 회복합니다).

소모품을 1개 소비하고, ‘보온병’을 소진합니다: 당신이 위치한 장소에 있는 조사자 한 명의 공포를 1 회복합니다(그 조사자가 겪은 정신적 트라우마가 2 이상이라면, 공포를 1 대신 2 회복합니다).

Robert Laskey
요스 깊은 곳으로 #274.


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This is a really cool idea, especially if campaigns going forward emphasize trauma like The Forgotten Age has.

But there's two shortcomings:

  1. As others have said, 4 resources is just way more than you want to be playing for this kind of effect. I know healing is supposed to be low-powered in this game, but that is pretty much prohibitively expensive.
  2. It's 0xp. You might think that's a benefit, but rarely would you take an card that helps manage trauma when you start a campaign. You know, before you have any trauma.

I would have MUCH rather had this be a 2xp card that came in at a cool 2 resources. Even with a more manageable resource cost, this card is still costly in terms of tempo and deck slots.

Maybe if we see more self-traumatizing cards like Arcane Research this could find a home. I'm pretty sure mystics won't take this because they have Fearless and Clarity of Mind, though, so it would need to be a different class.

PureFlight · 757
Why wouldn't a Mystic take this?? If you have 2x Arcane Research this card can heal a total of 6 horror!! Which other card in the game can do that?? — matt88 · 3053
It also costs 4 resources and 4 actions to get all that healing, and those are substantial costs. Besides, mystics have high max sanity and high will to mostly protect them from taking that horror. Two copies of Fearless (particularly the upgraded ones, which you'll be able to easily afford because of Arcane Research) is most likely all the horror healing a mystic not named Agnes needs. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
This card is very good for Agnes though. She can trigger forbidden knowledge to pay for thermos anyways (while killing monsters). — liwl0115 · 40
@matt88: I'm pretty sure that Liquid Courage can do that, though most Mystics can't take that. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Another great target for Act of Desperation ;) — AlderSign · 225

This could be a very useful (though easily overlooked) card for Amina Zidane. It's likely that she will start with at least 2 trauma from In The Thick of It or Arcane Research.

Her ability to put discounted assets into play overcomes the worst thing about this card - its 4 resource cost. Since it's a support card she can likely wait until the midnight hour to play it (or whenever, if she has Elle around to hold her minestrone).

Bloodw4ke · 65

I think that this is too expensive for anyone but Calvin Wright to consider. I can see him needing to get himself out of a hole every once in a while. An investigator doesn't want to spend 4 for an asset that can heal once per turn. Even if it is somewhat a bit more flexible than First Aid. Only the second version of First Aid makes someone's list the majority of the time.

When Calvin Wright starts getting to that tipping point, he can lower his stats in a pinch to get to a safer ground. But, I still don't see it as that appealing.

Bronze · 183
I agree. This card is a cute idea but way, way too expensive. It's just hard to dump this many actions and resources into an effect this weak and still have a good shot and winning the scenario. — CaiusDrewart · 3046
A healing magic chicken-soup card will be included in decks largely because it is healing magic chicken-soup. — Cluny · 51
@cluny That’s redundant. Chicken soup is magically healing by default. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
I gave this to Ursula going into Depths of Yoth with four trauma. It was in my opening hand along with Emergency Cache, and I was starting with two resources. It felt great to get that healing on the first turn....but the tempo of a who turn lost certainly ended the campaign for me. — CSerpent · 125
(eta: four PHYSICAL trauma. I was ignoring the two mental she also had) — CSerpent · 125

I've found this card pretty useful with Norman Withers as I'm running double arcane research. I knew I'd meet the 2x mental trauma threshold form the start and i quickly upgraded into two copies of Shriveling(5) which has a decent chance of popping me for 2 horror. Thermos will undo that with one action. Lastly when thermos shows up on top of my deck I can get it out for 1 fewer resources which helps mitigate the high cost.

Tacomental · 21
I’m a little confused why you would run double Arcane research on Norman. They permanently fill up two of his 5 valuable level 0 mystic slots and once he’s upgraded a spell, it costs an xp to get a new level 0 spell to upgrade later. Especially since shriveling and ward of protection are the only level 1+ spell that benefits from Arcane Research (and I don’t think most people upgrade lvl2 ward into lvl 5). For all other spells, the double Arcane research only saves 1xp each on him since you pay 1 to swap in the level 0 and then X-2 to upgrade it. You could just buy the higher level spell for X and still have all five level 0 slots to use for good cards. I’m not saying it’s unplayable in Norman, but I’m trying to wrap my head around how valuable it can really be. Especially since if you are ‘quickly’ upgrading to two Shriveling 5s, it sounds like you aren’t getting full value from the Arcane researches (which would take four scenarios to get full value as you upgrade them. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Okay. I guess there is also mind wipe, so with two Mind Wipes, two Shrivileng, two Ward of Protection, that covers 6 of the 7 upgrade opportunities in a normal campaign to get full value from the Arcane Researches, but I’m still skeptical about committing 2/5 level 0 mystic slots for it. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
I'm trying Thermos out in a Jim Culver deck with a pair of Arcane Research. The jury's still out, as it hasn't come in handy yet. — cb42 · 36

While this card is too inefficient to consider in most circumstances, it shines when you are trying to nurse a traumatized investigator through multiple campaigns. I currently use this card to manage a Mark Harrigan deck with four mental and physical trauma. In a three-player game, you can usually spend a turn healing after this card hits the table. When used as part of a broader horror/damage mitigation strategy (i.e. Elder Sign Amulet, True Grit, etc.) it can be quite effective for scarred investigators hoping to save the world one last time.

Also nice for Carolyn fern if Calvin is around. — Django · 4973
It's a cool idea to make a trauma campaign with investigators like Mark, a mystic with arcane research, and Calvin. Definitely take See You In Hell and other cards that toy with the trauma/defeated mechanic. As others have stated though, the extreme cost of the card, and huge tempo hit can take away from the fun. In general, I think the main issue Arkham Horror has with healing is not so much the cost, but Doom. If there's Ancient Evils in the deck (which is common), then spending all those actions and resources to heal feels wasteful. — LaRoix · 1634

I think that the 4 resource cost is going to be prohibitive for most investigators. For 4 resources, you can play an asset that will help you actively advance the scenario such as Dr. Milan Christopher or Beat Cop. In my opinion, this card doesn't really deliver a powerful enough benefit to justify that cost.

Still, Carolyn Fern might want it for its flexibility and its potency. Any Mystics who are running 2 Arcane Research assets can benefit from its stronger horror healing ability early on, and Agnes Baker in particular would appreciate that. If the campaign has gone poorly, I can see some Rogue characters using their Adaptable talents to switch this card in towards the end of the game.

I think you'd only ever use it for the heal on traumatized investigators - if you use it for the one-off healing, it's mostly less effective than First Aid, and that's saying something, since First Aid is largely regarded to be an inefficient card.

I think the combo with Arcane Research is a thing. It may be expensive but some investigators could afford the price (I can see this on Agnes with double Forbidden Knowledge and Take Heart). — matt88 · 3053
This is released, and it is 0 XP — bits-in-a-ghoul-tummy · 32
I've been idly speculating at an Ashcan Pete deck that starts with 2 Arcane Research just to turn on desperate skills without having to drop Huberts. In such a deck the Thermos might find a place given he can ready it using his ability. Probably junk but its an option. — The_Wall · 282

This card might see more play with the upcoming neutral permanent added in the edge of the earth expansion. In the thick of it (not yet added on the site), 3 Exp and two trauma's of your choice might turn this in a very efficient heal even at the first scenario.

problem is... it's still not good. it's way too expensive for the heals it provides regardless of trauma — Difrakt · 1272
I would have considered it for Agnes, if I didn't play her last before getting TFA. It has the same resource cost as a ".45 Automatic" for guardians, has 1 ammo less, but deals testless damage. (And also on a 2 damage per action ratio.) Problem is, now with upgraded "Sign Magick" spells like CoM or the new one from "Edge of the Earth" might be a better option for a healing Agnes. Beforehand the fact, that they use an arcane slot was much in favour to Thermos. However, for this combo, you don't need the new neutral permanent, as Agnes certainly rather take AR. — Susumu · 351
This card is great for Agnes. Think of it as a weapon that deals 6 testless damages that does not use up an arcane slot. And Agnes can easily pay for this using Forbidden Knowledge. — liwl0115 · 40
I do like that ITTOI "activates" half of the Thermos as of Mission 1, making this a 0XP card that heals 6d/h for 4 resources and 4 actions that anybody can take. In addition to Agnes, I'd say Bob Jenkins and Dexter Drake also may be fond of hot soup, as they can both situationally drop that cost down to 3 resources and 3 actions. They both love slotless assets, they both likely to want ITTOI for Obol or possibly even to Versatile in Geared Up, and if they pick up Haste later on, Thermos provides a flexible third "activate" action to be used whenever. — HanoverFist · 690