Spell Storm || Agnes

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AtaruSlash · 241

This deck showcases my personal favorite aspect of the Mystic class: flexibility with flair. It can flex in just about any direction you need, with solid clue support, damage, and utility options for those odd jobs that so often need doing in the course of a scenario. It seeks to hit the ground running with powerful spells, sourced through Agnes’ ability, and keep the tempo high until ultimately, in most games, you end up with a powerful board setup, and lean deck of 8 or so cards that you continually cycle to keep replaying your favorite spells. A mystic’s delight! And that’s to say nothing of when it gets a few scenarios under its belt and a chunk of experience to spend.

Focus the early game on getting the Heirloom of Hyperborea and Hallowed Mirror into play (the entire reason Backpack is included), and profit for the rest of the game.

Early upgrades should include Relic Hunter (if you decide to forego In the Thick of It and don't start with it) Backpack, and Hallowed Mirror. When you get the upgraded Mirror and the Advanced version of the Heirloom out, you can heal 2 damage, shuffle Soothing Melody back into your deck, and draw two cards. Use that new health to play more Spectral Razors and Read the Signs, heal more damage, rinse and repeat. Dayana Esperence is great to give some consistency to a specific spell you want to spam (Time Warp in multiplayer pretty hilarious), and the best part is, she has 3 health to pay for all 3 uses. It's a match made in a past demon-hunting life. Most recently, I played this base deck while pumping maximum possible xp into Power Word, and my goodness, it is some of the most fun I've had playing Arkham. Disclaimer: to my knowledge, the Power Word does not shuffle back into your deck, but a 2 cost reduction and hopefully a card draw makes it well worth including.

Let the storm rage on.


Nov 18, 2022 Saej · 2881

I love this deck. I’ve played across from it and it is a blast. 10/10, would play footsies with the player playing this deck again.

Nov 19, 2022 An_Undecayed_Whately · 825

What would this look like at 19 XP?

Nov 19, 2022 AtaruSlash · 241

@An_Undecayed_Whately that depends on a few things: campaign vs standalone, player count, role, etc., but I'd say relic hunter(3), backpacks(4), mirror(3), Dayana(6), and a ward (2) gets you to 18 xp pretty comfortably without any other xp boosts.

Nov 19, 2022 elkeinkrad · 462

Good deck. For utility, I think those spells are also good candidates: Alter Fate(3), Mind Wipe, Counterspell. However, for those cards, we may give up Down the Rabbit Hole. With Scalet Key cards, 2 copies of String of Curses and Moonlight Ritual (2) are another good candidates.

In addition, for || agnes, instead of two copies of Sixth Sense (4), Sixth Sense (4) + Word of Command may be good. It's 2xp cheaper (or only 1xp with Rabbit Hole), and she could search Sixth Sense (4) using Word of Command with 1 damage.

Nov 20, 2022 acotgreave · 776

How is the Damage mitigation? Is it ok having only Hallowed Mirror to heal?

Nov 20, 2022 sergeyvpopov · 33

acotgreave: struggles in Innsmouth, Vincent helps a bit

Nov 24, 2022 Pianeko · 1


I played parallel Agnes for the first time in Innsmouth (just before infinite Hallow was taboo'd) and camping in a "drowning"-location with Deny Existence(5)-cycling is pretty hilarious.

Nov 24, 2022 sergeyvpopov · 33

@Pianeko Deny Existence (5) works against encounter cards, but does it work against scenario cards?

Nov 24, 2022 Pianeko · 1

"Encounter Cards" vs "Scenario Cards" (added in FAQ, section 'Card Ability Interpretation', point 2.15)

"These two terms are used interchangeably to mean any non-player card used in a scenario, such as the contents of the encounter deck, locations, acts, agendas, the scenario reference card, etc."

Indeed they can, as clarified above :)

Nov 24, 2022 sergeyvpopov · 33

oh wow, then def including

Nov 24, 2022 Pianeko · 1

Also, on the decklist:

I like the idea, I play my Agnes similarly, but haven't yet have the chance to try with Scarlet Keys-cards, Customizable with Down the Rabbit Hole seems really nice.
I personally don't like Renfield that much and even in Agnes would still incorporate one or two Arcane Initiates to really always get the spells needed for anything that comes our way. And depending on the Chaos Bag I prefer Voice of Ra over Emergency Cache, due to the spell tag, but I see the argument for both.
I'm looking forward to try her with the upgraded Moonlight Ritual some good doom-card and Power Word myself :)

Nov 26, 2022 AtaruSlash · 241

@elkeinkrad - I agree, what's really fun about going hard on spell events is playing with the mix. I personally would probably only bother with Word of Command in true solo; if you focus on getting the heirloom and mirror out early, this deck draws soooo many cards, I've never really had an issue.

@acotgreave - Between looping Soothing Melody and Deny Existence, I've never had an issue with damage mitigation (@sergeyvpopov, who doesn't struggle in Innsmouth? ;P)

@Pianeko - Agreed, Deny Existence (5) is indeed hilarious, especially if you get it looping late game with a lean deck, you're just unkillable. I would argue for David Renfield over Arcane Initiate for a few reasons; as I mention above; when you prioritize getting out the Heirloom of Hyperborea and the Hallowed Mirror, this deck draws stupid amounts of cards, and with the redundancy of spells, I very rarely find myself digging for spells like in Mystic days of yore. David gives you a will boost to help you push tests, and 2 health to help feed Agnes' ability (which is a great way to pop David to avoid the doom tax). That said, initiate wouldn't be bad, just a bit redundant for what this build is specifically doing. As for Emergency Cache, the main reason this is the choice for this deck is that, since we're prioritizing an early Backpack, it's another target to grab when those go off. Normally I too would prefer a Voice of Ra or Uncage the Soul, but cache works pretty well when you don't have to draw it.

Nov 28, 2022 nitrous-acrostic · 14

I have a similar ||Agnes deck that I use for standalones, and it is a blast. This looks like a ton of fun and I'd be interested in trying it for a Campaign.

Jan 01, 2023 NemuriHime · 7

how to have Hallowed Mirror in deck with out versatile ?

Jan 01, 2023 AtaruSlash · 241

@NemuriHime this is Parallel Agnes Baker, whose deckbuilding allows you to take occult cards 0-3. The mirror was basically made for her!

Aug 07, 2023 Chillstad · 18

If you decide to go In the Thick of It, which trauma would you take?

Aug 07, 2023 AtaruSlash · 241

@Chillstad I tend not to take ItToi for this build, but I'd probably keep it even and take one of each. Unless you expect to be looping your wards, then go full physical