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The way of the warrior

If you embark on an uncharted path, infinite secrets will appear at the end.



Credit: Battle axe Armor Girl Coloured by NEJUSEROSAS


There are no spoilers in this build, don't worry.

This deck is created for 3-4 players campaign, but you can easily replace First Watch for something else in a 2-player team.

While using Down the Rabbit Hole the card In the Thick of It is no brainer. Not only gives you 3xp, but saves you another 3xp from purchasing 3 lvl 1 cards at deck creation. Or in this case you can run 2 lvl 1 Runic Axe and have more space for lvl 0 guardian cards.

I picked discipline, because in a 4-player team you will fight more often than not. It will also give you a very nice boost for Breach the Door.

For the next disciplines I would decide later. If you find out, that you lack fighting power, take . If Talisman of Protection and Hunter's Armor isn't enough, then pick . With two Backpacks I don't think you will need that much, although it would still be very nice.

I haven't played any campaign with swarms yet, but I can imagine, that you can deal with hordes of enemies with Inscription of Fury on Runic Axe and Mk 1 Grenades. A true Sekiro style of fighting, if you know what I mean :)

The inclusion of only 1 copy each of Ward of Protection, Deny Existence, Holy Rosary and Promise of Power is due to the fact, that the main mystic will probably use them and I don't use proxy cards. However, they are not crucial and at least there is more space for other stuff.

You don't need to bring Prepared for the Worst, because you have 2 Backpacks, 5 weapons, 2 Beat Cops, 2 Spectral Razors and 5 base , and occasional Ace of Swords. If you are unlucky, then it's ok still to practice your martial arts.

As for the Stick to the Plan, I would put there Ever Vigilant, Emergency Cache and Breach the Door. You can swap something for Refine maybe.

Breach the Door is a very nice help for your investigation. Although, the following doesn't feel necessary, I would argue, that you can even use Discipline twice before any test and flipping your discipline away for a massive boost.

Of course, if there is no one else to carry another Delve Too Deep, get the second copy yourself.

Upgrade path:

Remeber, that you have Down the Rabbit Hole, so upgrades are better, than purchasing new cards.

  1. Get Stick to the Plan and Backpack upgrades fast,

  2. Focus on upgrading your Runic Axe using Refine and discounts from DtRH. I would get Scripteweaver, Saga and some 3 other upgrades, depending on what you need,

  3. Invest in your armor after you've sharpened your axe. Remember, an axe warrior is no good without armor. Turn them into relics, so you can still wear a Backpack. There is no point in wearing lvl 0 Hunter's Armor, because it sucks and there is no space for so many lvl 0 guardian cards anyway. That's why it is not included at deck creation. Upgrades: Enchanted, Durable, Hallowed, Armor of Thorns, Protective Runes,

  4. Don't make Beat Cops wait too long for a promotion,

  5. Enchant Weapon and Fang of Tyr'thrha are good additions to your fighting skills later on,

  6. If you find yourself always getting into too much trouble, pick Mk 1 Grenades with Emergency Cache upgrades,

  7. If you have too much xp, get Cyclopean Hammers instead of Enchanted Blades. Otherwise you can upgrade them into better Enchanted Blades.

While adding new cards, get rid of Ceremonial Sickle (or 1 Enchanted Blade), Delve Too Deep, Refine and 2 copies od Scrying. Or if Scrying is very useful to you, throw away Talisman of Protection.

Keep in mind, that Hunter's Armor, Enchanted Blade and Enchant Weapon can take away your arcane slots.