Olive McBride

This card would be a really good token enabler that ppl would want to have in their decks, if it weren't for the recent ruling on Rod of Carnamagos that turned that card into the best token enabler ever, for 0 XP, no action and no risk of having to resolve the tokens and fail a test. Such a great ruling...

I had both in my Kōhaku deck, and there is really no "either/ or". Take both, they combo well together. Besides: the Rot Rod is really strong, but requires a non-elite enemy on the board. Olive can be used as well, when the Rod is offline. — Susumu · 347
I guess you missed the point of my "review". I'm not saying ppl should not get Olive, I'm saying the current ruling on Rod is broken and the card have no place being a much better token enabler than a 2XP card designed with that specific intent. — DakonBlackblade · 4
I made a couple reviews (on the level 2 Rod and "Living Ink") regarding this interaction, too. I agree, it is a strong enabler, probably busted. But I also kind of think, without the Rod, the archtype would still be weak. I had imense fun on my HV blind run with a Kōhaku deck, abusing this, but of course, it's something to do once and move on, otherwise it gets boring. Also, the level 0 version is much weaker than the level 2 on it's own (though sufficient as a nested token pull manipulator), but also can be put only once into your deck, which makes it less consistent. Olive can be used on other cards as well, like "Voice of Ra", and the double "Ritual Candles" to make Curses 0 and Blesses +4 (and the "Occult Reliquary" to hold them both aside a Rod) are imho equally busted in this build. — Susumu · 347
What this package, I mean Rod, Olive AND Candles, not one without the others, does, is making binder fodder cards like the Innsmouth Spell assets or maybe even "Song of the Dead" strong cards. — Susumu · 347
Fox Mask

If you move with such enemy (ex. if you are engaged with it), do you also get the offering?

This is a great niche card, +2 for is useful in many situations, but specially when you can abuse its replenish trigger ^.^

soymauro · 1
I am certain you no longer "move out of a location with an enemy" if you take said enemy with you, unless there is another enemy at that location. — AlderSign · 219
In an email they specify an engaged enemy will move with you. Unless there's an additional enemy at the location you left you will not get a charge by simply moving with an enemy engaged with you. — gw1108 · 1
Wounded Bystander

If you compare this card to Carolyn Fern's Rational Thought this weakness is ridiculously soft. Yes, you can only heal the bystander with cards that heal Ally assets, but that's about it - the card neither blocks your ability (which Rational Thought does double), nor do you even need to heal it entirely. What's more, it gives you soak and another way to trigger the investigator ability!

I think cards that heal Ally assets need to go into a Vincent Lee deck anyway, since the whole group benefits from them.

Didn't research much into combos yet, but Protecting the Anirniq can get some value out of this card if you do choose to get rid of him, one way or another.

AlderSign · 219
Dirty Deeds

If you have Mandy backing you up, I think you can put two illicit assets in play (paying their costs), and activate each once.

Engineering a situation where you can benefit from both of these activations while sharing location with your fellow Mandy may not come up as often as I'd like to, but it would be a power play to remember even if it happened once per campaign.

Aesyn · 232
Survival Knife

I asked to FFG :

When an enemy with elusive attacks an investigator holding a Survival Knife(lvl 2 :Return to the Forgotten Age #2) ?

What happens after the knife reaction attack ?

  1. If the enemy dies after the attack, I guess we doesn't resolve the enemy attack ?
  2. If the enemy doesn't die, I understand that the enemy will disengage and move to another location. But should I resolve the attack and so apply damages to the investigator with the knife ? I guess no ?

They (Alex Werner) answered :

Say an elusive enemy initiates an attack against you, triggering the reaction ability on Survival Knife (L2). First, you resolve your attack against the enemy. If the enemy survives the attack, it moves via its elusive keyword, exhausts, then completes its attack against you (since that attack was already initiated). If the enemy is defeated by your attack, it does not complete its attack against you.

sbernard · 1