Window to Another Time

Consider that Padma Amrita only locks down clues on Ancient locations. If you choose to remove an Ancient location, it causes all of the clues that were on it to go to the Present Day location that was under it. Now you have some clues you can discover even when Padma is ready.

Signum · 12
I suspect, they forgot to instruct players to remove these cards from the game on Agenda 2b. TBH, it's one of the worst cards to draw beforehand, but kind of the encounter deck offering you a freebie during Agenda 3. — Susumu · 206
Even disregarding it messing up with Padme's ability, you can even choose, which location to go, potentially sending a hunter enemy on a large detour from your investigators or creating a beneficial shortcut for yourself.. — Susumu · 206
Schoffner's Catalogue

This card is so dang good it's actually ridiculous.

At worst, it's sort of like a net Emergency Cache anyone on your space can spend on items (not a huge restriction for most decks). At best, it's a complete loose cannon. It allows for such crazy plays. If Yorick has both this and Chainsaw in his discard, he's set -- no other moving parts required. Minh can Scavenge it into absolutely filthy combos recurring high value seeker assets. It even discards itself so that happens smoothly. It's red and level 0, so an easy target for a lot of Survivor recursion if someone's running low on dough -- which is practically your starting hand if you're running Short Supply. And Dark Horse can't see it. I'm sure there are things I'm missing.

It enables so many shenanigans in the most wonderful ways. Just a brilliant card.

I don't really see it. At best its a slow emergency cache. And you're really spending your recursion to get this thing back instead of something more useful? How many items are you playing? — fates · 15

I think this card pretty much exists solely so you can play Harvey Walters. Thrice-Damned Curiosity coupled with his high card draw is basically going to kill him. You can either build as a somewhat weird Harvey that doesn't like to draw and uses soaks to offset the damage (losing imo one of the best parts of being a Seeker class: turnover)... or just take this card and Deny Existence to effectively completely ignore his signature weakness.

drjones87 · 46 could use the cards you draw...OR make teammates draw cards. — Zerogrim · 236
Honestly it's more efficient to soak the damage. It'd derp, but I like Body Armor. It can soak a 12 card TDC, and if you have less, well, maybe some attacks and encounter stuff too. — MrButtermancer · 29
Or to make crazy builds otherwhise imposible (premonition wendy or dynamite blast abusing preston) — LordWolfen · 1
Quickdraw Holster

I was really excited by this card at first, sure it sounds cool, but then comparing it to Bandolier (0), it does:

  • Gives you 1 action when you need to use a small gun, so either to deal with a small enemy or to finish a bigger one after your main weapon
  • 2 more resources to play
  • 4 more XP - 8 for 2 copies.

So the question is: how much do you value 1 extra action to fight an enemy every once in a while? Would there be a way to use 8xp that would bring you more efficiency?

To me, it feels like the cost and XP difference is rather stiff compared to how much of a difference it can make in my campaign.

Valentin1331 · 8348
Body slot to extra action, pretty highly, rogue guns love you to have as many actions as possible and this doesn't deny you a slot that could have been +1 fight. — Zerogrim · 236
+1 Lockpick per turn cuz your hand's free. — MrGoldbee · 1220
Dude, compare it to sign magick. This card is so mediocre. — AussieKSU · 615
Also note that you need a free hand to replace an empty gun attached to this card — Django · 4108
Chicago Typewriter

Most rogues are going to need to use hard Knocks to hit with this weapon. The damage is good, but it's quickly going to become an expensive weapon either from action uses, resource uses to buy success, or both.

Then along came sawed off shotgun. You'll have to boost that just as much as you would this gun, but succeed and you get a big pay out.

All In all, this is the ideal gun build for rogues that don't want to risk a lot... which is the opposite of how I typically play rogues. The rogues that want to go all in on a test to one shot a boss though probably want to stick with sawed off instead.

drjones87 · 46
Without other boosts this grants +2 attack, that’s what most rogue weapons grant at this level? succeed by x Decks almost always need other ways to achieve that. Exceptions being lockpicks and that rogue evade spell — Django · 4108
I recommend well connected and knight over hard knocks — Django · 4108