Burden of Destiny

A hard to evaluate weakness that leans more into the investigator's mechanics than her flavor. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: You either break one of Lily's Disciplines, or you take a damage and a horror. Neither of these are terrible; it's usually more annoying than difficult to flip a Broken card (with the notable exception of Quiescence of Thought, and even there you might draw the ). Losing the bonus or a use of a Discipline's power might cost you tempo or a test, but it's not too likely to cost you a scenario. Similarly, with the card pool, Lily has access to soak and healing to handle a couple of its. The problem is that. as you build up XP, you get more of these. One is pretty trivial, but drawing a couple in close succession might put Lily in jeopardy (although less so than Thrice-Damned Curiosity or Shell Shock. Additionally, they cause increasing dead draws, especially in scenarios that like to put extra weaknesses in the deck. In The Path to Carcosa, if Lily is lead investigator, she could easily end the campaign with a 37 card deck, 7 of which are weaknesses, and Lily doesn't have a lot of card draw in her classes, and usually has a moderately large rig to get out before she really shines.

The discard condition: Make your decision and then discard it; unfortunately, you probably have 1-2 more copies waiting for you.

All in all, this is a below average signature weakness, more likely to annoy you and slow you down than really capsize a campaign.

Her draw is bad tho. That's part of it. — MrGoldbee · 1220
But that makes the dead draw worse, although, if you are lucky, I guess you might not see any given weakness. — LivefromBenefitSt · 885
The Sign of Hastur

This is not the worst treachery in the game; it's often very mild, especially compared to things like Psychopomp's Song and Death Approaches, since you can often get it on an act or agenda ready to advance, but the artwork always makes me smile; it's funny and chilling.

Expose Weakness

If this card lasted until the end of that investigators turn, maybe it would see play in multiplayer if your friend is prepared to blast things with his shotgun (which also doesn't see much play), but sadly it is unplayable in this current form.

Blood&gore · 77
I'm confused. It lasts the phase, do you just wish it lasted for more than one attack? — SSW · 167
Yeah i meant for all attacks during that investigator turn and not just 1 attack this phase — Blood&gore · 77
That would make it very powerful for a card that doesn't ask much from you -- 3 XP, but not resources and not even an action. If it worked the way you suggest, it would help kill most end-of-scenario bosses in one turn, which is a lot of 3 XP. With a fight of 0, every token hits except the Auto-fail. — LivefromBenefitSt · 885
I dont think this card is as useless as it seems. It has written all over it "use me in multyplayer, for that critical attack that needs to land". — LordWolfen · 1
It's not useless, but probably 95% of the time, it works the same as if you'd had Overpower and committed it to the other investigator's attack. There just aren't that many high-damage attacks that don't also come with a high skill value. — Hylianpuffball · 19
True, i guess it depends if you play taboo or not. Since the broken part comes on letyi g ypur guardian know to go with double or nothing shotgun blast. (2x0 is still 0 afterall) — LordWolfen · 1
Harvey Walters

Harvey is basically unplayable... unless you take Versatile and Deny Existence. Then, he's probably the best seeker in the game. Once his signature asset is down hes a guaranteed 2 card draw per turn per successful investigate. Add a dream Enhancing Serum and he can basically hold (no joke) 20 cards in his hand at the same time. The 5 extra cards from versatile does slow him down a bit, but not enough to matter with the intrinsic seeker card draw.

Hes a shoe in for Farsight as well, and stack that on with an Occult Lexicon (or level 3, from the circle undone) and you basically have limitless card draw and can turn the ones you aren't using into resources.

But all of this is contingent upon taking that early game versatile and Deny Existence. Otherwise, he will get eaten alive by his weakness.

drjones87 · 46
If only there were a way to use cards after drawing them, then Harvey would finally be good. — Zerogrim · 236
If only 5 Intellect was extremely powerful, then Harvey would finally be good. — Death by Chocolate · 1105
If only there were some other ways of mitigating damage, then Harvey would finally be good. — snacc · 529
If only he was in another class instead of being in the most broken one, then Harvey would finally be good — Blood&gore · 77
If only someone posted a Deck about 10 days ago showing how broken he can be even with a very limited card pool. — Valentin1331 · 8348
If only Bulletproof Vest was in the Core Set to effectively provide a large amount of soak, then Harvey would finally be good. — Pseudo Nymh · 1
If only getting 2 sled dogs and a coat into play was in any way a feasible set-up to survive his weakness with 36 cards in hand, then Harvey would finally be good. — NotaRealCop · 1
Jeeze, I dunno. It's a kind of limmited review, but we could do more than mock. Harvey is a terrible investigator in some settings: If you want to play him in Expert solo RttFA, he is going to have a pretty rough time of it. On the other hand, almist any Seeker in 2+ player with a dedicated enemy management investigator will do fine. The question, with any card in AHTCG is not "is this card good/bad/broken/essential" but "how can this card be used to progress the game?" There are a ton of investigators that are not great in certain campaigns/scenarios/player counts. There are even more cards that work well only as part of a combo or in a particular investigator. Heck, Knuckleduster has a really bad reputation, but it's an OK starting weapon for Tony. I won't go so far to say that every card has a potential home right now, but it's agood exercise to look closely at some of the "head scratchers" and think "what would make this card attractive to play?" Maybe that will appear in a new set. In general, I think trying to be positive and charitable makes the hobby a more welcoming place. — LivefromBenefitSt · 885
Looks up the recent versatile review. — Zerogrim · 236
While the memeing is fun I feel it is important to always try to remember there is another person on the other side of the conversation! I have had a few terrible takes on cards myself, who hasn't? In this specific case, I think the mistake the OP is making is assuming that Harvey is about drawing as much as you can, as often as you can, and always going big hand at all times. In reality what prevents Harvey from being boring is the 'skill testing' of his extremely potent ability: You aren't meant to draw as much as you can and go big hand Harvey mindlessly because that would just be a Mandy 2.0 boring OP seeker. — dezzmont · 110
dezzmont, +1 — LivefromBenefitSt · 885
Quickdraw Holster

Compare this to sign magic. It's sadly not close.

Both will give you a free action. However...

Sign magic is worse in only one minor regard. You have to piggyback it on another spell activation. Alright. One point for Quickdraw holster.

Now. Sign magic is fast. Quickdraw is not. Sign magic is cheaper to play. Sign magic is cheaper xp. Sign magic allows a free action on all spells, not just attacks. You can use two sign magicks. Sign magic gives you an entire extra spell slot. Quickdraw only frees up a gun.

The balance isn't close.

AussieKSU · 615
if it just had 2 health.... — Zerogrim · 236
On the other side there aren't much options for your body slot. — Tharzax · 1
I want it to be more playable with 2 handed weapon, or even hands already full of one-handed items. For example, if has one more ability that allows playing the gun from hand straight to the holster. — 5argon · 1074
There is not a single Investigator, who can take "Sign Magick" (3) and "Quickdraw Holster". I do agree though, that this card is severe overcosted. I tried it in Tony and was not impressed. He can't take Bandolere, but Garrotte Wire would have given him more mileage. (Even if it costs 1 XP more if you are buying a "Relic Hunter" for not quitting smoking.) — Susumu · 206
I have considered (but not played yet) Quickdraw Holster + Mauser + Tony's gun + Black Fan in a "rich rogue" Tony deck. — AlexP · 196