There is a neat little trick combining this card with Eye of the Djinn to get a based skill test +6 (two copies to get +7) once per term using Eye of the Djinn's ability. The three investigators who can make use of this combo Tony Morgan, "Skids" O'Toole, Leo Anderson will all appreciate it.

liwl0115 · 26
This combo doesn't work due to timing of the ability of the eye. The last sentence of reliable say you get its bouns while you perform the ability. The ability of the eye says set a base skill on 5. If this is done you lose the bonus of reliable since the ability of the eye is performed and you just have to test with 5. — Tharzax · 1
I don't think it works, but for a different reason than Tharzax listed. Eye of the Djinn isn't where the skill test is triggered... It's just something you can do in response to a test starting. The duration where Reliable would apply only lasts as long as it takes the Eye to set your skill value. For a fleeting moment you have a value of 6... then Eye finishes resolving, and Reliable turns off. — Hylianpuffball · 19
Though honestly, it's a pretty confusing case and I'm not sure of the exact ruling. What is the true duration of EotD's resolution? It's clearly started when a test begins, but does it last all the way through step 5 of the test? I don't believe so, but I couldn't tell you the exact step where it ends; I'd believe either step 1 or 4. — Hylianpuffball · 19
I read it as when EotD's reaction triggered abilities got triggered, Reliable's +1 would apply- since it says "While resolving a 'triggered ability' on attached asset, you get +1 to each of your skills". The application of Reliable is not necessarily predicated on the skill test timing — liwl0115 · 26
There is also the if sentence with bless/curse tokens, which are part of the ability. But even then in my opinion all aspects of the ability would be performed before determining the success of the test, where the bonus of reliable count. — Tharzax · 1
Springfield M1903

Question for all our rules lawyers out there:

Does the latest Taboo stack with scope?

“This attack may target a non-Elite enemy up to one location away from its standard range, ignoring the aloof and retaliate keywords.” Taboo basically reads "Standard Range +1 Location away".

Scope as a reaction allows a Firearm to target adjacent location. Would that be considered the new standard range then and allow the Springfield plus Scope to target two locations away? WHich would be awesome and very unique

If not it would mean, you could gain basically the same effect but better with sticking the newly tabood scope to your shiny 4 or 5-xp-firearm. you would only ever take the springfield to save on some xp as the BAR or the Lightning Gun are still better in their own right. You could always take a higher value two-handed firearm and stick a scope on it for whatever xp your weapon costs +3xp for the scope. And lets face it, which guardian skims on the xp concerning the primary weapon?

Don't get me wrong. This new version stands head and shoulders above the old one. But XP should not be a concern for the guardians primary. So I would always take the best or most flexible base weapon and stick scope to it, if wanted to target adjacent. But targeting two locations away by adding a scope on top? That would really allow some unique camper playstyle in MP where you guard your team by sitting at a center location and picking everything off from a distance.

Skeith · 1756
Yes, this is the explicitly intended reaction. The article announcing and explaining the latest taboo made it very clear that the Springfield and Scope effects were designed to stack. — Death by Chocolate · 1105
And you could add a Brand of Cthugha for enemies at your location and if you are Leo a Cat Burglar to change location and snipe. That would be really clunky but fun! — Valentin1331 · 8348
Serpent of Tenochtitlán

This enemy can be an annoyance with that poisoning attack. Even if you can hit the 3 Evade target reliably, that's still a loss of actions as it chases you.

The ability gain conditions cause it to stay on an Ancient location with clues, which you can potentially use to leave it behind. You won't be able to clear that location without confronting this enemy again, but it will be easier to clear all the others. You could deal with the location it guards last, or even just consider it abandoned.

Or maybe you just take the vengeance point.

Signum · 12
There are also some other options since this enemy isn't elite: Hancuffs, mind wipe, slip away etc — Tharzax · 1
Good point, Tharzax. We always killed this guy, because the Victory sweetens the Vengeance. But if we would ever challenge us to a zero vengeance run, "Mind Wipe" and Handcuffs would be certainly availble in the team. — Susumu · 206

This is quite an underrated card. It gives you (your ally) +1 health and + 1 sanity for $1 without the need of spending the cost of an action. In most cases, a free action is more valuable than $1. So this card fares better than Leather Coat and Cherished Keepsake, both of which are very fine cards in themselves. Trusted also cost one less than other comparisons like Leather Jacket, and it certainly fares better than Fine Clothes, a more situational card that cost an action to play. In most cases, I also like Trusted over other lv. 0 healing cards ex. (Soothing Melody) because spending actions to do passive healing is, a many have pointed out, one of the least efficient things to do in the game. Another selling point of this card which the above mentioned cards don't have is that it not only gives you more health/sanity protection but gives your ally more mileage. Putting 2 Trusted on allies such as Aquinnah all the sudden turn her into 3h/6s worrior and Beat Cop into a 5h/4s Sergeant. Trusted really maximize their power, getting more values out of their already very strong xp ability.

liwl0115 · 26
the advantage to most healing is it can be used on the person who needs it, though you could put trusted on Xavier to tank for the team. — Zerogrim · 236
Usually I prefer using Calling in favours to cycle my allies, recharge their uses, heal them, "dig up" my deck, ... Of course it means I need to spend actions to play Calling in favours and replay my ally later but I routinely play 2 copies of Ever vigilant to have a good action economy. — AlexP · 196

Winifred Habbamock loves this card. Being able to access to Track Shoes is a pretty good deal. She's using many ability cards that allow you to draw cards from your deck on top of her own ability. You will run through your whole deck many times most of the times anyway. A bigger deck means you'll take more time to cycle it and get less horror from that. Same for Patrice Hathaway

One or even two of Versatile can help to counter some nasty weaknesses as Doomed -> Accursed Fate -> The Bell Tolls or treacheries as Beyond the Veil

Masnonet · 2