Will to Survive

Okay, it's been 5 years and I've gotta ask because it's driving me nuts:

What is happening in the picture for this card?

It's a dude in a room full of children's pictures, I get that, but is he...

... mopping a bloodstain? ... holding off a floating urchin-monster-thing with a really long toilet plunger? ... leaning on a pipe that some urchin-monster-thing is coming out the end? ... trying to pull a spear with a bunch of blood and guts on one end out of the wall?

I feel like I'm looking at a magic-eye-sailboat or something and just can't see what's supposed to be going on here! The mop seems most likely, but... why's he doing it in the dark in a kindergarten and why is the mop sort of spiky and what does cleaning the floor have to do with surviving willfully?

HanoverFist · 487
He's holding off some monster hiding out of frame with a mop. — Soul_Turtle · 1
Probably a cell inside the arkham asylum? — Tharzax · 1
@Soul_Turtle: A monster with a flashlight apparently! I mean, yeah, that could be it, and it's actually the best theory I've heard so far... just the artist made a point to cast shadows from the dude like he's lit exclusively from the front, and there's so many other cards that manage to imply and out-of-frame threat with no ambiguity (Act Of Desperation, Not Without A Fight, Frozen In Fear- all of which use menacing tentacles- or Cornered, Hunted Down, which use shadows) — HanoverFist · 487
Perhaps it made more sense in the call of Cthulhu card game or a past Arkham game. Didn’t FFG change the art for this in the revised core? Perhaps they agree. — LaRoix · 1572

The name of this card, "Unrelenting", obviously refers to when your secretary absolutely WILL NOT put down the fantastic Broadway script she's reading.

Look, some folks just like kicking back with a good book on Thursday afternoon when there's not a lot of people coming in to the office, but sometimes the boss really needs you to set aside your penny-dreadful and shove a merman off a boat before you clock out at 5.


TL;DR: I didn't see it mentioned above, so I figured I'd mention this is a fantastic counter to Minh's signature weakness. ? makes it always usable, the +6 pip requirement means you're probably succeeding, & the card-draw cancels the 3-skill tempo-loss. PMP existing is just icing on the cake.

HanoverFist · 487
Brand of Cthugha

Brand of Cthugha is good fight spell for mystics, and great alternative of Shrivelling. In my opinion, it's fine to get BoC only if your role is flexible, or BoC + Shrivelling if your role is fighter.

Then, what's difference between Shrivelling and Brand of Cthugha?

  • Net-damage is similar in most case: Shrivelling(5) has 12 net-damage as maximum, and BoC(4) has 9 net-damage. However, you can control charge for BoC; if you attack 2-health enemies or 4-health enemies, BoC is better. In most case, net-damage is almost same except boss raid case.
  • Backfire effect is controllable: BoC has terrible backfire effect, which make you lose 2 action which cannot be prevented by Deny Existence. However, you can control backfire unlike Shrivelling. For standard difficulty, chaos bag contains lots of -1 and -2, and single -3, -4, or -5. To avoid backfire effect, you just boost your skill value as "failure only if " or 4 more which only 1 token generates backfire. If you perform attack as last action, you don't need to consider backfire since you have no action to lose.
  • Failure penalty is really small: When you fail a skill test, you have no backfire effect of spell and no charge is spent. Moreover, it's burdenless to attack the enemy engaged with another investigator unlike Shrivelling because they take only 1 damage(or zero? it's arguable) even if you fail the attack test.
  • No synergy with charge-based card, so durability is not good: Since BoC(4) spend lots of charges, it's bad to use charge-based combo such as Book of Shadows, Recharge, Twila Katherine Price, or True Magick. Additionally, it's not good to choose BoC as the target of Knowledge is Power, since you should spend charge even if you play KiP. Thus, if you want to use BoC continual, you should find another method like Spirit-Speaker, Prescient or cycling your deck.
elkeinkrad · 304
Robes of Endless Night

I think this compares somewhat poorly to Leather Coat coat and I'd rather take that if I can. Waiting for 3+ spells over 3+ turns to just breakeven makes this a hard sell. Sometimes you draw it late and you arent playing any more spells. Even early on, it feels slow to play this, gather more resources and play your main spells.

But not every can take leather coat. Robes of endless night does however compare favorably to the neutral Trench Coat and decently to Heavy Furs. Only Sefina has enough agility to even think about evading but she is even more heavy on spells.

Heavy furs might be useful in Diana Stanley and maybe Jim Culver but for the most part, the economy is better than an extra reroll because mystics usually do want the health soak for themselves. The reroll on symbols is occasionally useful to avoid the downsides of your spells but mystics have other avenues to avoid that.

It's generally obvious when you'll take this, a mystic with low (5) health and lots of spells (maybe around 10 spells). With around 10 spells, you should be able to play 1 every 2 turns and make back your cost after 6 turns (about 1/3 of the scenario).

fates · 15
I saw this card as bad when I first saw it, but then I realised 2 health soak is such an amazing thing for mystics I'd run it just for that, now we have heavy furs its a little harder to justify just for that but its pretty trivial to get 3 discounts and make this a much cheaper option. the upgrade is bonkers good though. — Zerogrim · 236
Have Bob help pay :). — MrGoldbee · 1220
Untimely Transaction

The wording of this card seems to respect the play style recommended in the guide book about staying in-character and not saying what cards you have in your hand to play/commit. Because the text makes you reveal what you would like to offer first, then "may" and "if they do" decide whether anyone actually want it or not. (You can probably say you have "good stuff" and call for a group-up, for immersion.) Otherwise, you would not play this card in the first place if it would ended up that no one choosing to play...

If you are playing "hard mode" that an entire table is staying in-character, it is possible that this card's net result turns into a few giggles at a cost of 1 action. (giggles are worth it at only 1 XP!)

5argon · 1074