Wounded Bystander

This signature weakness acts as more of a deckbuilding restriction: must include cards that heal Ally assets.

It's a very soft weakness if you have the tools to deal with it. It costs no actions, doesn't deal you any net damage, and doesn't ever cycle into your deck. You even gain an extra point of soak with it!

Needing to cure the the Bystander is the wrong mindset. All you need to do is to prevent him from dying. From that perspective things get a lot simpler.

At 0xp Bandages counters 3 instances of damage each and can be scavenged. Soothing Melody counters 2 instances of damage each. In a single deck cycle that packs Hallowed Mirror and Bandages you're already good for 12 instances of damage, which is far less than what most scenarios will throw at you.

B-tier options include Bizarre Diagnosis, First Aid, Emergency Aid and Medical Student, which are more action inefficient or will waste the horror healing.

With XP, you'd almost always have the Surgical Kit as a backup option, but you should rarely need it. Other very good choices include the Forbidden Tome, Call for Backup, and Manipulate Destiny with blurse support.

Note that with 3-damage burst heals like Bizarre Diagnosis and Surgical Kit, it's more efficient to let the Bystander go to 1 health and then heal back to 4 health than to discard it entirely. That way it can continue to soak damage for you, and you don't waste the heal.

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Does Refine let you check the Inscription of the Hunt box on Runic Axe now that it's chained? If so, does that cost you XP mid-scenario? I was planning to play both in my deck anyway, and when I went to look it up I couldn't find any information about it.


To answer your question(s):

Foresight specifically targets a card that would be drawn “from the encounter deck.” First Watch causes encounter cards to be removed from the deck and dealt out to investigators. So no, Foresight cannot be played on a card dealt via First Watch.

Feel free to reach out to us if any more questions arise!


Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist

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Jim's Trumpet

Unlike the regular version, this one is actually NOT unique. So feel free to take it with you on your trip to outer space. I'm sure whatever species you'd encounter would appreciate some smooth jazz. Now that's an upgrade!

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impressive for the keen eye. — IvanYHYu · 4

I think it is a fun card in 3~4 players with fighters who can't quite finish the enemy fast enough (or having to use some actions to setup and engage). You can be the the team's enemy finisher with this Spell. The key to full potential is you go later and finish off enemies on others without engaging, so you have more action to spam Wither to the enemy from the side line.

  • If you go first and you can't finish it, the enemy will rehydrate and get its reduced heath back. The goal is to make it withers to death due to reduced health inside your turn.
  • If you made a friendly-fire hit, it only cause 1 damage to friend, while the enemy may still get reduced health due to symbol anyway. So it is a good deal to help out 8~9 health fighters without them scared as much as Shrivelling and its upgrades.
  • There is no question about reserving spell charges, big or small fries you can help getting it off your friends.
  • The reduced fight then further decrease the chance of friendly-fire in the next try.
  • All the symbols equals semi-success instead of completely doing nothing, you may guess you can probably can peel off an enemy from a friend with HP equal to amount of your remaining actions, regardless of harsh symbols. (But take care of their special effects on failure or Retaliate.)

Also probably better as a one-of because it uses no charges and commit icon is weird. Rely on repeated Arcane Initiate instead of purchasing two copies.

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